Word Aware Training for Schools

Did you know vocabulary at age five is the most important factor affecting literacy at age 11?

Children from the poorest 20% of society are already a year behind with spoken vocabulary by 5 years of age.

Without support these children fall further and further behind contributing to children with poor vocabulary skills being twice as likely to be unemployed once they reach adulthood.  

Word Aware is a whole school approach full of practical and inspiring ideas that can be easily applied by busy classroom practitioners to develop both spoken and written vocabulary. Word Aware is a structured whole school or early years setting approach to promote the vocabulary development of all children. Focussed on whole class learning, the resource is of particular value for those who start at a disadvantage – including children with Developmental Language Disorder, Special Educational Needs and those who speak English as an additional language, but it will extend the word learning of all students. This approach is full of practical and inspiring ideas that can be easily applied by busy teaching staff to develop both spoken and written vocabulary.

Word Aware has been developed by combining up to date research with extensive classroom experience. Authors Stephen Parsons and Anna Branagan have been using this approach and training many practitioners since 2010. The end product is an effective and time efficient method for developing the spoken and written vocabulary of all children. It has been enthusiastically received by class teachers, head teachers, curriculum coordinators, Special Needs Co-coordinators and Learning Support Assistants.

Word Aware has recently teamed up with Lift Lessons to provide simple, clear, fun and entertaining videos to use with your students to help support key vocabulary in your science lessons. You can see an example and sign up for a 7 day free trial here.

The brand new 2nd edition of Word Aware is due to be published later this year with an all new training packaged for schools. Contact now to find out more and to sign your school up for your next inset day training so you don't miss out!

I am an accredited Word Aware Trainer and can run twilight evening training or inset day training for your setting. Please contact me for more information or check availability for your next TD day.

Prices from £450 for whole day training or 3 twilight sessions.