Language Delay and Late Talkers

Initially, I can meet with you and your child to carry out child-friendly assessments to understand your child's language level and identify potential causes for the difficulties they are having. Then together we will agree the best next steps for their therapy which may include:

Makaton signing - I use this directly in sessions and can teach you signs to use at home with your child. 

Motivating and fun games to improve attention and listening skills. 

Parent Child Interaction Therapy - Coaching and support on ways to develop your child's language through play and everyday activities.

Play based language games carried out in clinic, at home or in pre-school to help develop listening, following instructions, vocabulary and joining words together/using sentences.  

I am trained in using the Derbyshire Language scheme which helps children develop their ability to process increasingly more key words in instructions. This is conducted through play and fun table top activities using toys, books and games. 

Your child's appointment can be at my home-based therapy clinic in Chippenham or you can request a home visit/school or pre-school visit (this is subject to availability and additional travel charges).