Enhanced SLT Support

Enhanced SLT Support

I would be very happy to meet with you for a free-of-charge consultation. We can discuss your current needs and how I can support these and help the children with SLCN in your setting. 

I can help with the following:

Specialist therapy sessions for children with language disorders or complex speech disorders in your school who will struggle to make progress without regular therapy. 

Supporting individual children with using PECS and coaching staff in using PECS. 

Delivering Attention Autism Interventions in your reception class or your resource base. 

Delivering intervention groups or after school clubs to boost social skills and language development. These can be bespoke and designed to suit the needs of your pupils or could include running published programmes such as BLAST, Lego Therapy or Narrative Therapy. 

Consultative work including communication friendly classroom audits.

Bespoke staff training and CPD in SLCN and Autism.

Delivery of training and ongoing support for implementing Word Aware Vocabulary approach in your school. 

Contact me today to arrange a free-of-charge meeting to find out how I can help you improve support for children with SLCN in your school.