Unclear Speech

Unclear Speech

Initially, I would meet with your child and carry out some child friendly speech assessments that will allow me to better understand why they are struggling, what speech sounds they can say clearly and what errors they are making. 

I will explain to you what difficulties your child is having and the most effective way forward in treating your child's speech difficulty. 

I am experienced in using a a range of speech sound therapy methods including Nuffield Dyspraxia Programme and Cued Articulation.

I believe all therapy should be fun and engaging and I use a mixture of table top activities, physical games as well as iPad apps in therapy sessions. We will also agree on some homework activities for you to complete between visits that greatly supports the in-therapy activities. 

Your child's appointment can be at Kidscom's therapy room in Chippenham or you can request a home visit. I can often accommodate after school or weekend appointments or I am happy to visit your child during the day in their pre-school/school.